About Groundtacular Insight

Groundtacular Insight is blog from Groundhoppers for Groundhoppers. The end to end experience from getting to a ground, enjoying the food and drinks inside as well as the insight of the spectacular ground details is the main focus of this blog.

The blog was founded by Thorsten (tt) and since ever supported by Maren (ms) and Matze (mh). Whereas two of us support 1. FC Köln, the other supports Borussia Dortmund. The passion for football and groundhopping unites the different colors to one! Sometimes together, sometimes alone, sometimes with strangers: Groundhopping is in any case a social activity with a lot of joy, commitment and also some craziness.

Groundtacular Insight has friends and supporters. One big support is the Agentur Treutlein & Mühleck (http://www.agentur-tm.de) which provides some essentials.

Impressum: https://groundtacular.home.blog/impressum/